3 Ways Blogging Helps Introverts Thrive

"I don't think I'll ever find a career that allows me to have enough 'me-time'."

"Just thinking about working in a group setting leaves me feeling exhausted."

"I'd love to share my ideas with others, but when I'm talking face-to-face with someone, I can't get my thoughts out and end up all tongue-tied."

If you can relate to any of these statements, this post goes out to you, and you'll soon see why blogging makes a perfect hobby for introverts. I hope it gives you some inspiration.

As introverts, we naturally gravitate to those situations that are most comfortable for us—namely: circumstances involving plenty of alone time, quietness, and not too many people.

You know what has all of those things combined? Blogging.

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3 Aspects of Blogging That Help Introverts Thrive

1 | Solitude/”Me time”

For introverts, blogging offers a chance to escape from the day to day hustle and recharge our batteries. People tend to drain us if we're with them for extended periods of time (unless they're our closest friends). Blogging can help with that.

The quietness, the ability to focus and hone in on one task for hours on end and the peace that can come with that—these aspects of blogging make it the perfect hobby, or even career, for introverts.

(By the way, I’m an INTJ on the Myers–Briggs personality test!)

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2 | Online Community

Stick introverts in a room full of people we don't know and ask us to make small talk and we'll look for any chance to escape. Traditional networking is not usually where we excel. But networking online within the blogging community is entirely different. While blogging, I have intentionally searched for blogging circles that are supportive of other bloggers' success. This is so important. Even though blogging is largely a solo endeavor, it's still necessary to seek out interaction on a daily basis in order to form friendships with other bloggers and to stay mentally healthy.

One of the best parts of getting to know other bloggers online is that you get to choose when you want to be more social, and there are a variety of avenues to meet people, such as:

  • blogging forums

  • Facebook groups

  • Pinterest group boards

  • other blogs

  • and social media…just to name a few.

Talking with other people who blog is also a great way to get inspired with your own writing. No one is able to stay creatively inspired for very long without occasionally seeing how others use their creativity. Creativity inspires creativity.

Forming these connections online is easier for introverts because it's not face to face; writing helps us to articulate our thoughts much more clearly with no pressure to be "on" or say the right thing at the right time. I know I'm more comfortable when I have time to think about what I will say instead of instantly being thrown into a situation where I have to "perform" or be more social than I'm feeling in that moment.

Introverts crave relationships that go much deeper than normal, day-to-day casual interactions. While blogging is sometimes thought of as a shallow and unskilled medium for in-depth conversation, bloggers with a passion for their subject and a talent for storytelling can develop lasting relationships with other bloggers, as well as with their readers and audience.

Blogging can be as deep as you want it to be—it can literally be anything you want to make it.

3 | Sense of Empowerment

I've struggled with my self-confidence in the past, and often, my lack of confidence was due to my social anxiety. While I was clumsy in certain social situations, I find my rhythm in expressing myself through writing. When my college classmates groaned at the thought of yet another paper, I was secretly fist-pumping in my head.

I've always been confident in my writing, and over time, I've grown to be more self-assured talking with others. I believe writing has helped with that.

Blogging can help you become more self-aware in not only your writing but also in your sense of self. Consistently writing out your thoughts often forces you to be brutally honest. Let's be real. If you're writing (or rather typing) out your thoughts online for so many people to read, you're put in a vulnerable situation, yes, but through that vulnerability, you're able to gain confidence in how you portray yourself to and with others.

We introverts need this. We need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones sometimes. We need to be in situations where we are challenged but are able to prove to ourselves that we can do something we've been afraid of. Blogging acts as a window into our thoughts and our minds; we choose how much we want to reveal and what parts of ourselves we reveal to others. We retain some of the control that we feel we don't have in face-to-face interaction while still being able to communicate our ideas to a wider audience.

We're able to build faith in ourselves more so on our terms rather than being forced into it through mindless chit-chat or awkward conversations.

And somewhere in the midst of these interactions, we're able to thrive.

If you've ever wondered if you'd be good at blogging or how and why blogging is good for introverts, I hope this post gave you a little glimpse and insight into why starting a blog is such a good hobby and answered some of your questions.

Are you an introverted blogger or know of other introverts with amazing blogs? Feel free to share them below in the commentsI’d love to check them out!